Impatiently Waiting: The Perils of Planning

As I sit down to plan a trip with fellow Ethos Journeys travelers, the waiting game unfolds – a year-long saga of eagerness, impatience, and the occasional attempt to time travel.

The idea for our next journey often sparks in the mind like a cosmic firework. A whirlwind of excitement propels us into planning mode, armed with travel guides, Google Maps, calls with travelers and friends, and an enthusiasm level that rivals a kid in a candy store. The vision is set, the destinations are chosen, and we are ready to dive into the adventure of a lifetime.

Alas, here comes the hiccup in our grand plan – the insurmountable one-year wait. It’s like being handed the keys to that candy shop but being told you can only enter after a year of salivating at the storefront window. Time becomes an excruciatingly slow marathon, and I’m left questioning the inventor of calendars.

As I sit at my desk, plotting the days until our next journey with the precision of a NASA engineer launching a rocket, I can’t help but wonder: who invented this whole time concept, and can they be convinced to fast-track it a bit? The countdown becomes a daily ritual, complete with crossed-off dates and a growing obsession with time travel theories.

In moments of extreme impatience, I join an unofficial support group for travel enthusiasts. We exchange memes, gifs, and anecdotes about our shared plight. It’s a haven for the time-impaired, a place where we console each other with virtual pats on the back and the promise that, one day, the wait will end.

In an attempt to time-travel without a DeLorean, I indulge in elaborate daydreams of our upcoming trip. From sipping sake at a ryokan in Kyoto to getting lost in the art of Naoshima Island, my mind becomes a virtual travel brochure, offering sneak peeks into the adventures awaiting us.

In the grand scheme of things, the impatience felt in planning an Ethos Journey a year in advance is part of the journey itself. It’s a rite of passage, a comedic twist in the travel saga, reminding me that the sweetest adventures are often the ones worth waiting for.

Until then, I’ll keep counting the days and dreaming of the day when our next trip finally unfolds. May time be swift and the wait be filled with laughter, memes, and the promise of unforgettable adventures.

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