Guiding Principles

Our ability to contribute the best of ourselves requires both an inner and outer journey, and travel provides us with a powerful context for this work. When we embark on experiences that encourage a deeper connection to ourselves, our communities, and the Earth around us, we become a greater version of our original self.

We offer unique experiences that:

  • Connect with people and communities actively responding to the needs of our time
  • Deepen our sense of belonging and responsibility to one another and to the Earth
  • Highlight the interconnection of all things
  • Immerse us in learning and introspection
  • Are deeply sensitive to and respectful of the places, people and communities we visit
  • Focus on the ‘sacred space’ needed for mutual understanding and collaboration
  • Focus on sustainable and self-sufficient practices
  • Reflect the strength that resides in community-led initiatives
  • Unify while celebrating differences
  • Honor ancient wisdom and modern technologies that nurture our planet and benefit humanity
  • Expand our world vision with the possibility of challenging existing beliefs

ethos journeys are

immersive learning experiences

We aspire to offer immersive learning experiences in a wide variety of disciplines –both new and ancient – that explore our inner selves and our interconnection to all that surround us—humanity, nature, and the cosmos. Journeys will be invitations to expand our vision of “the world” as we know it, perhaps challenging our existing, known beliefs.

We are committed to providing the sacred space needed for mutual understanding by creating an environment that unifies while celebrating differences and respects and offers a place for voice and expression. While our role as facilitators is to identify robust, thought-provoking experiences, we see ourselves as active participants instead of directors or leaders.

Earth Wellness

Explore our innate connection and responsibility to Mother Earth.

Sacred Community

Deepen your sense of belonging with a global community.

Mind, Body & Soul

Align ourselves at every level with our truest selves.

Spirituality & Ritual

Explore sacred places and practices that connect us to something greater than ourselves.

Indigenous Wisdom

Deepen our interconnection and sense of wholeness with life itself.

Responsible Action

Connect with passionate change-makers actively responding to the needs of our time.

Modern Scientific Wisdom

Explore regenerative sciences and technology spanning from modern medicine to cosmology.

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