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How big are Ethos Journeys?

Our groups range anywhere from 5 – 12 people, including our guides. We like to keep our groups small to leave a ‘small footprint’ during our journeys.  The nature of our trips, which are ultimately learning-based, work better in smaller, more intimate settings.

Can I share a room with another traveler?

Of course — but this depends on who and how many people register for the journey and whether there is another person also requesting to share a room. We will do our very best to match you with another traveler, but cannot guarantee this. If no other traveler registers wanting to share, you would be required to have a single room, and the ‘single supplement’ fees would apply. Our suggestion to avoid this is to find a friend to come along!

What kind of physical activity can I expect?

Each journey varies, but in general, we recommend that you be in decent physical shape and that you avoid taking a trip after any significant surgery. Many of our journeys include walking tours of cities or villages or short hikes, but typically nothing more strenuous than this (or a long flight of stairs!) is included in the main journey. Sportier activities such as trekking/hiking are optional or available as extensions. What can be most challenging on some of our trips is the heat, so drinking lots of water is imperative. We also require that all Ethos Journeys travelers take comprehensive medical travel insurance for every trip.

Why do I need travel insurance?

As soon as you deposit, we encourage you to take a comprehensive travel insurance policy to cover your trip. Travel insurance policies will provide coverage against unexpected cancellation charges, flight delays or missed flights, medical costs incurred while traveling overseas, loss of money or baggage, or personal liability claims.

In the event of a claim for cancellation, loss, or damages, in the first instance, you should make such a claim through your insurance provider.

Also note that frequently travelers believe that their credit card company supplies travel insurance, but time and again, learn that only flight costs are covered, or there is a coverage limit. As such, we strongly encourage purchasing comprehensive travel insurance through providers like World Nomads or Travelex Insurance Services, where you can obtain excellent and economic coverage.

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